Anabelle’s Secret Tantric Massage Techniques

I would stress that the tantric massage session is not only development, it is a round trip, we reflect in each other, the more the person is invested and committed to practice, you can go deeper and be more open, more energy will flow in and continuing in an evolutionary process.
It sometimes happens that the person is not very armored and in these cases is very little that can be done. Anyone who does not want to receive tantric massage, should not be treated. I sense all the answers, but I prefer those whether obvious. Sorry all, this is not a proper tantric sex! The note will be written with the utmost respect for what it means, both the Tantra as all other techniques that I will discuss. The idea is to show tantric massage as a channel of self-elevation state. My idea is to close next week, so hopefully that gives you enough to send the responses.

The Tantric Philosophy

Tantric massage originated in India. Tantra has at least 5000 years and is associated with Hinduism and Buddhism.
The fundamental principle of Tantra is that it disagrees with the many religions that believe they must choose between spiritual growth and pleasure. Tantra for physical and sensual pleasure are both the key to spiritual growth; without one you can not get the other.
Tantra believes that our bodies can be worked in order to get rid of the accumulated waste, allowing healing and reintegration with the energy that surrounds us. This is done with tantric massage. The foundation of Tantra is the conviction that this energy force that surrounds us is shared by all even the universe. Therefore, any suppression of unbalanced flow of this energy and damages the entire universe and us individually.
Tantra rejects the repressive and moralistic code proposed by religions, where sexual or sensual needs of our body are solved with guilt, repression, denial and punishment.

Tantric View Of The Body – Beyond Physical

Usually, the attention paid to the body’s needs is linked to diseases or pregnancy. Little attention is given to the development and extension of the sensuality of the body; no one teaches us how to value and use that sensuality.
Tantra believes that to grow as complete beings is fundamental free from obstructions of our physical and psychic system. The idea of a physical system is accepted by all. We all know  that we have a liver, a heart, or stomach, but the psychic system and what do we know? And this is the point of contention since most religions but neglect the needs of our bodies, we are more than credited that body.
Tantra believes that our energy is organized and concentrated in seven chakras, being one of those-kundalini-the primary source of energy and that is between our legs. Kundalini is responsible for the sensual and sexual activity from which our whole system is founded and built. Neglecting this source undertakes all other areas and therefore our whole body. However, when cared for, encouraged and worked, kundalini, provides physical and spiritual knowledge and growth.
This vital energy is fed through channels called meridians. Any obstruction in these channels decreases the flow of energy that are driven by them. Imagine a hose when it is screwed much less water than it potentially could. The same goes for our body. When these energy centers are working properly we can enjoy an endless desire to sensations and pleasures. However, if we allow factors such as feelings of guilt that they will prevent clog these channels work completely.

Healing With Tantra

Tantra and some modern therapies believe that many of these obstructions (traumas of all types, pain, physical or emotional shame) are stored in our body and the effects of this blockade continue to reduce our welfare and our energy throughout our lives. This can be cured with tantric massage.
For example, imagine that some sore web resource throats are associated with repressive childhood experiences when, many times, we are prevented from yelling or talking loud. Also evils in the pelvis may be the expression of the attempt to suppress genital impulses.
Based on the belief that our body is vital to our well being, Tantra uses many techniques to care for and repair. One such technique is tantric massage.

Tantric Massage And Its Place Among Others

Tantra believes that massage helps you find the obstructions to the full functioning of our body and also seeks to remove these blockages. Tantric massage uses techniques to other common, but can cite five differences that distinguishes it from other forms of massage.

  • 1) The focus of therapeutic massage is usually physical, for the same sensualist with pleasure as his target. However, Tantra believes that pleasure is the gateway to spirituality
  • 2) In Tantric massage we give without seeking anything in return; receive without feeling we have to share.
  • 3) Giving and receiving sensual pleasure without the need for sexual fulfilment.
  • 4) There is no external barrier imposed. No terms, where and how to play ouch. The only barrier is that, as responsible adults, we decide. If the agreement allows the exploration of the whole body of his companion, he will expand and you can enjoy the area, which can provide them great surprises with Tantric massage.
    Many Westerners tend to be genitally focused, ignoring 95% of the body, which can be equally enjoyable pleasures. Thus, the release of Tantric massage is looking sensations other through the natural touch.
  • 5) There are breathing techniques and Tantric massage to specific areas of the body such as the Chakras or genitals.
    Tantra is a sensual journey that can lead to joy without size. Striving to be open and honest, is the attempt to rise through the body disciplined approach.
    Tantra allows us to experience unparalleled freedom through the benefit and enjoyment of our bodies. In the West, thereby scares many times, alarm and embarrassed, but eventually released. The objective and learning Tantra is to emphasize the journey , whatever this, not at its end. That translated into our body means that, for example for men, should not be the ejaculation or orgasm to the sexual encounter.

Give yourself a moment in Tantra Space to focus on own feelings and those of the couple to explore our body and yours.  Tantra has few taboos, if any, and the greatest of these is the maximum term of any settlement agreed between the spouses alone among them. Everything is pre-agreed, just as injunction. Coercion, emotional blackmail or exploitation are not accepted in Tantra.
Tantra is the best massage-for yourself and for your lover.